the Altus Malaysia supply chain

The ways in which you can better your maritime supply chain efficiency.

Thanks to the numerous tools and technologies available for use, the term efficiency is being reinvented. In maritime transport, however, because of the very nature of the industry, efficiency is still difficult to achieve. Various factors affect your process effectiveness, ranging from the planning of a shipment to communicating with multiple players in the transport process. Any failure, technical or operational, can harm your brand image.

If you work for a big company, you manage several containers every month and coordinate your supply chain with a number of international partners. A good example is Altus Malaysia’s supply chain management. It is quite effective and reputable.

Use the correct tools to search.

In many cases when searching for a carrier, you or your carrier are obliged to search the routes your partners take via 2 or 3 different websites. Given the number of reservations you make each week, this is a time and taxation exercise. Use a Carrier search engine instead to locate all the roads of your partners in one place at your pre-negotiated prices.

A carrier search engine allows you, in case you are interested in building a new partnership, to find all the other carriers taking the route. Different carriers from around the world are opening new routes every day.

After all, delivery information is stored and communicated automatically with your partners in a joint platform, where planning and shipping preparation can begin.

Improving automation productivity.

Your shipments are often related, presumably with repeat customers. But the reorganization of every shipment from scratch is wasteful of time. Automation accelerates the process by enabling shipments to be duplicated. The same collaborators, partners, shipping information, and documents can be modified in a duplicated shipment afterward. Automation ensures the correct and efficient organization of shipments. Container shipping platforms allow for this and save time in preparation.

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Incorporate your instruments into a single platform.

You use multiple tools for various purposes while being involved in freight management. Although this is common practice, the dilemma here is to finally enter the same information in your several ERPs, TMSs, and specialty tools. Open platforms can be found that are easily connected via API/EDI to other tools so that you can check an information channel rather than a number. This can be done for you by a Container Shipping Platform.

You can boost productivity throughout your complete supply chain by effectively booking companies, communicating with your collaborators, and automating your procedures

Use the correct tools to communicate.

Proper, timely communication is critical for operational efficiency with your shipping partners. This contains emails, messages, sharing of documents, and information review, to name just a few. You save time and also eliminate unnecessary delays and lost information by using the same, centralized platform that allows you to perform all this rather than resorting to multiple instruments.