A guide to SAP analytics cloud Malaysia

sap analytics cloud malaysia

SAP is crucial to the growth of companies. Due to technological advances, modernization and globalization, numerous companies are dealing with major organizational, management and operational issues. As the number of customers increases, their needs are diverse and ever-changing. Everything in the corporate world has become more complex. People are looking for smarter ways to make … Read moreA guide to SAP analytics cloud Malaysia

Benefits of Getting A Logistic Service

certified supply chain service in Malaysia

Having a supply chain service could make your job easier for you. Apart from keeping track of sales, dealing with vendors, and managing your inventory, you also have to do your business efficiently by distributing your products as well. To make your job easier, and help you focus on other aspects of your business, you … Read moreBenefits of Getting A Logistic Service

What Are the Appropriate Options for Office Space at the Present Time?

Are you looking for a position that will suit both your budgetary constraints and the other requirements of the company you want to work for? To get the best results, it is essential that when you acquire or lease official property, it properly represents your company’s image and keeps employees engaged. This may be achieved … Read moreWhat Are the Appropriate Options for Office Space at the Present Time?

EOCM Forum can’t access?

eocm chrome - EOCM Forum can’t access?

Welcome to the year 2012 to all Exorians! Untuk info terkini, Forum EOCM telah dinaiktaraf dan dikemaskini ke platform yang baru. Sehubungan dengan itu terdapat berberapa isu teknikal seperti tidak dapat mengakses ke forum sejak kebelakangan ini. Ini disebabkan kerja2 penaiktarafan tahap keselamatan pada Forum tersebut supaya ia tidak lagi dibebani dengan spam2 yang kian … Read moreEOCM Forum can’t access?

Rekod EOCM – TT paling lama!

389489 10150467803023123 662923122 9065184 1037811979 n - Rekod EOCM – TT paling lama!

Di kesempatan cuti sekolah serta sambutan ambang tahun baru, dengan meriahnya rakan-rakan Exorians telah menjayakan satu rekod TT yang paling lama. TT yang mengambil masa selama 2 Tahun ini telah diadakan dibeberapa tempat diseluruh Malaysia. Dihadiri oleh rakan-rakan Exorians bersama-sama ahli keluarga masing-masing. TT tidak terhad kepada makan dan minum malah terdapat acara-acara sampingan seperti … Read moreRekod EOCM – TT paling lama!