Malaysia’s best unifi broadband plan

Internet To The Rescue

If you’ve been paying attention to recent developments, which I’m sure you have, you’ll notice that we’ve arrived at a point where we can’t imagine life without our phones. From getting in touch with distant relatives and cherished friends to keeping ourselves entertained, to keeping up with the newest news and upcoming trends, we use technology to keep ourselves informed. All of these activities necessitate the use of our trusty cell phones.

We’ve become increasingly reliant on our phones while the international disaster known as the Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on our lives. But did you know that the internet connectivity that we access through our phones is even more important than our phones? Because we are still unable to do the activities listed above without access to the internet.

This is why, despite what many people believe, I believe the internet is tremendously important. So, let me try to persuade you.


With the Covid-19 killing lives left and right, it’s become increasingly important for us to keep a safe distance from anything that could potentially infect us with the virus. This involves avoiding big crowds of people in social situations. And believe me when I say that talking the talk is easy, but living the walk is far more difficult. Humans are sociable beings by nature. We can’t live alone without losing our minds, at least not without losing our sanity. As a result, this could be a problem for us.

We can, however, keep in touch with individuals digitally if we have access to the internet. This ensures that we can maintain contact with people without violating the new SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). An added benefit would be that we would be able to maintain our sanity.

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Overcome Crisis

The show must go on, or in this case, our lives must go on, as the famous saying goes. We cannot put our life on hold just because we are dealing with a worldwide pandemic. We need to keep surviving, and having internet access is one way to do so. Schools and work have all migrated online, from having lectures to working online. And it would be difficult to do so without the internet. Without the internet, this piece would be difficult to write.

Teachers can ensure that their pupils are learning and not jeopardising their futures by leaving their studies by providing reliable internet access. By moving everything online, businesses can grow without worrying about their staff getting sick. Students and employees can use platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams to guarantee that their lessons, lectures, and meetings run successfully. Businesses have recently taken advantage of this chance to move their operations online in order to expand their client base.

So if you are looking to get better internet connectivity, try checking out Malaysia’s best unifi broadband plan