Why People Prefer GI Pipes ?

What is GI pipes?

Gi pipes are the abbreviation used for galvanised iron pipes. These gi pipes are usually used for piping purposes where it is used to carry water. These pipes are usually manufactured material like low carbon steel coils. They emphasize on the mild steel strips in the manufacturing process. Several technical methods are used in the making of these pipes. You can get the Gi pipe fitting Malaysia in hardware stores and places that supply items for logistic purposes. These pipes are also easily available in several online stores nowadays. 

image - Why People Prefer GI Pipes ?

How Its Made

First the strips are passed through a couple of fin rolls. This is done to ensure that the gi pipes get that perfect circular shape. After that, they usually slit the ends of the strips and weld in together. The welding process is done by continuously passing electric currents that contain high frequency. It is done towards the edge of the material. Once the manufacturers got the welded steel pipes, they would then pass the pipes through sizing sections. This is to ensure that all the dimensional deviations are corrected. The major process of manufacturing is pretty much done at this point.

image 1 - Why People Prefer GI Pipes ?

The manufactured pipes are then being cut into desired lengths. If the manufacturers receive any special order then they will customize the size according to their clients liking. Usually an automatic cutting machine is used. Once the pipes are all cut it is then sent for pressure testing to make sure that there are no leakage in it. This process is vital as sometimes the pipes may have small holes that are hard to be seen through our naked eyes. The final step is usually the varnishing process of the pipes. This will also be done based on the request by clients. 

Why do people like Gi pipes ?

People who work in the areas of logistics often prefer Gi pipes for the work because it has few features that makes it nice to be used. The galvanised iron pipes are usually resistant to corrosion. This is because of the interior coating that is given while manufacturing it. The Gi pipes are also resistant against rust where you can actually see them rusting because of the finishing that is done in its outer layer. The gi pipes are generally easy to handle and easy to be welded. It is super durable against pressure and lasts longer. It is also much cheaper than other pipes and is light in weight. Now tell me, aren’t these gi pipes the best ? While many think gi pipes or pipe in general are only used for transporting water, gi pipes can be used for other works as well. It can be used for structural purposes in a project of construction, it can be used for automotive purposes, it can be used for engineering purposes and it can even be used for oil and gas transmission looking at how durable of a product it is.