Why is insurance so important to you?

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Insurance, most of the time, we will think that it is here to scam me of money. We always think that it is expensive and it is a fee payment that you may not need to pay. But is it true though? Is it true that we are paying for nothing? Is it true that they are “scamming” your money? It is far from the truth. The truth is that insurance is actually important. It is important because of many various things and it is a source of your protection or assurance to some things. 

Why is insurance so important in your life?

We always see an agent selling insurance, promoting them to you about how good or what not that you should buy in order to have this or that. The first thing when all these takes place is, you will in your head pop up the thought, “oh so annoying, selling these again scamming my money” but is it true? We can tell you for certain, no it is not true. Insurance in fact plays a very important role in your life. It is rather a rescue hoop for you to hold onto when you meet with unfortunates. 

In our life, we can never ensure that we will be 100% safe all the time and that we don’t need rescuing. We can never ensure that because we do not know. We do not know whether or not we can live for how long even so it is very important to know that insurance is there to help you assure. 

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What assurance can insurance give us?

When we talk about assurance, what are we talking about? What can insurance assure you with? Actually, most of the things that you face! We cannot assure ourselves that we will never fall sick no matter how you take care of yourselves. No matter how we fight for health, there will always be uncertainties involved. We may fall very ill all of a sudden. How are we to seek treatment then? Most of the time, when we are met with severe illnesses the cost of treatment is also very high, it is something we cannot shy away from. If we want good treatment, then we will need to pay a hefty sum for it. That is where insurance comes in. Insurance is there to help you with incidents like these where you need to pay a hefty sum, insurance will on your behalf pay most of them sum or even all in some cases. For you to have the sum or assurance that you are able to pay in this treatment plan that you are going for. It can also help with financial security because you are assured of some payments and more. It is very important to have insurance on your side and that is why if you have the opportunity then buy insurance for your children because it will be the best gift to them because one day they might have a need. For more, you can search up buy insurance policy for children Malaysia to learn and potentially sign up for one. 

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