What You Need to Know About Good Internet Speed

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Fast speed internet or high-speed internet is considered a must, especially in the 21st century. It might be difficult for us to live without the internet as most of our daily activities are related to it. Sometimes, when you are browsing the internet or scrolling through your Instagram feed, you must have encountered problems such as lagging or long reload time. So, what are the aspects that would determine whether the internet speed is good enough or not? This will be discussed further in this post, so make sure to stay on this page, okay?

Good Internet Speed 

A good internet speed is said to be at or above 25 Mbps. Anything beyond that is considered high-speed internet or fast-speed internet. These days, internet speed can reach more than just 25 Mbps. It can go as high as 1000 Mbps and is capable of being connected to many devices at one time without being interrupted. In Malaysia, you can get Time 500mbps and you can enjoy streaming and online gaming with that speed. 

If you are working at the office, most of the time you would spend your time in front of the computer and accompanied by the internet. Due to the COVID-19, the government and certain companies have implemented the work from home policy. For those who don’t need to use the internet all the time, you will need around 5 to 10 Mbps to browse the internet and to check and reply to emails. 

While working, you might need some entertainment such as listening to music. The applications that are often used are Spotify and YouTube. To stream on these platforms, you will need about 10 Mbps or more than that. If you are working remotely, you might need to attend online meetings and conferences. Applications such as Zoom and Google Meet will require at least 15 Mbps for you to get connected. 

The speeds are very important as you might need to attend the conferences or meetings and sometimes the connection would be interrupted. This might cause you to get consequences in the future. 

Choosing the Right Internet Plan

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If you want to avoid difficulties such as connection problems or timeout problems, choosing a perfect internet plan is crucial. To get a good internet plan, you have to make sure that you are choosing the best internet service provider in your area. 

You might have heard of fibre internet. This internet service is the fastest internet service you can get and it is still new. The only disadvantage is the area of coverage is quite limited. Unless you live in a big city, then you will be able to get this service. 

If you are living in suburban or rural areas, most people would go for wireless internet and cable internet. These types of connections are cheaper and they are widely accessible. The area of coverage is around 89% of the country, hence they have become top choices for most people. 

Making the Decision

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If you often encounter problems while using your current internet service, it might be a sign for you to change to a new internet service. It all depends on the aspects mentioned previously. The area or location of your house or premise plays a very important role in determining the availability of the service.