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Things You Need To Feed Your Baby

Mother care products Malaysia are designed for various purposes in the days of taking care of your baby, and milk feeding is just one of them. At this point, your baby may already start to move away from breastfeeding, though not completely, and you can feed them with formula milk.

There are a few products that you just need to ensure that your baby’s milk feeding experience is comfortable, clean and delicious, because good food and drinks boost the morale of adults and children. And babies too, especially when they are hungry.


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What is milk feeding without a bottle? Breast feeding all right, but this isn’t your current focus now, correct? Bottles come in many shapes and sizes, depending on what you are comfortable with. You do not need a really big bottle to feed your baby as having plenty of formula milk is just as enough.

Your baby bottles should always come equipped with bottle caps, sealing discs, collars and teats to enable your baby to drink milk without opening the bottles at all.

Smaller bottles will be your baby’s first when they are starting to drink milk with this method because they still feed little. You can buy bigger ones as your baby grows, though it does depend on how much your baby feeds until they are full.

For teats, you will either have a rounded or natural shape, the latter looking like a nipple. Try both shapes and see which is more comfortable for your baby’s mouth. Teats also have different flow rates, so ensure that the teat slowly flows out milk when your baby is still at its newborn stage.

Flow the milk out too fast and too much milk will fill your baby’s mouth, which isn’t good when they can be a potential choking hazard.

Brushes and Sterilizers

Cleaning your baby bottles is important so no contaminants are inside to ruin their hygiene. Depending on your milk’s preservation method, they can turn bad in hours or so when left in room temperatures, thus any milk that is left is usually discarded.

Your hands won’t do it when cleaning baby bottles, instead use brushes specifically designed for this cleanup. You not only brush the insides and outside of the bottles, but also their parts including teats, caps, sealing discs and collars separately.

You also need sterilizing equipment to sterilize your bottles for thorough cleaning. Cold-water sterilizers, microwave or steam sterilizers are examples, and employ different sterilization methods. Read about them first before sterilizing your bottles.

Even better, gain knowledge on cleaning baby bottles properly first. You can also keep the pages on your phone while you are going to do the job.

Formula Milk

There are several kinds of formula milk, but not all of them are suitable for your baby. Normally, you want to buy cow-based milk as they are manufactured to resemble breast milk and provide adequate nutrients for your growing baby. There is also soy based milk if your baby is allergic to cow milk, although this is uncommon.

What if your baby is allergic to both types? In that case, switch to protein hydrolysate formulas. The protein in these formulas are broken down to smaller sizes compared to those inside cow and soy-based baby milks. Extensively hydrolyzed formulas are also available if your baby is allergic to simply protein hydrolysate formulas too.