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Struggles Of Online Classes

When we all first start online classes we were excited because we don’t have to get ready early in the morning to go to classes, we can just straight up jump from our bed and click on the given links. It was fun for a couple of weeks but after almost a year of attending online classes, we soon realize that it’s not as fun as it sounds. There are a lot of things that we struggle with and we cannot wait to go back to our school or collages to attend normal classes. 

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These are some of the struggles that online students can relate to. 


With online classes, you need to have a strong connecting of wifi, but since everyone in the house is using the wifi it can get pretty annoying when the wifi connection is weak and buffering. What’s more annoying is when you have an online test but your Internet connection keeps on loading and when you reload the page all of your answers will disappear. If you are facing this problem you can simply solve this by installing an Unifi Package into your household. 

You Can’t Ask Question

Being in classrooms allows you to stay connected with your teachers or lecturers. If they are any confusions that you have you can just simply raise your hand to ask them and they will explain it to you. But with online classes, you cannot raise your hands because they probably won’t be able to see you and if you have a question to ask it is better for you to personalize messages so that they can see your question. 

No Motivation 

Nowadays, we keep on hearing about all of the bad news on the news channel and the Internet. And attending online classes doesn’t exactly lift up our moods because we are not together laughing around with our friends and the thought of starring at your computer for almost 2 hours can be exhausting. It is normal for us to have no motivation to keep doing online classes and when this happens it is advisable for us to take a step back for the sake of our mental health. 


When being at home, your parents will tend to ask for your help for several things like doing the house chores and babysit your siblings. It is not easy to juggle this with your online classes and sometimes after a full day of having online classes you just want to rest on your bed. But, you need to help your parents in the house, so it can be exhausting physically and mentally to multitask your responsibility as a student and a child. 

No Experience 

The best part of learning is going to your school and college. Meeting your friends and just make memories outside of the class. Even attending classes with your friends is fun, and all of the small little things that you used to do. Now, with online classes, we can no longer enjoy all of those moments that we used to have at school or college.