Malaysian Love Rice

White rice is the main food or staple food for the majority of Asians in general and Malaysians in particular. But do you know how humans started making white rice as a food source? Follow the article below to find out how the history of the development of rice or rice and other things related to rice that may not be known.

History Of Rice and The Cultivation

To determine the exact time in which humans found that rice was a food source and started cultivating them as food, it is impossible domestically. Yes, it is hard. Many historians believe that rice has been cultivated since 5000 years BC. Not all agree though. 

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Archeologists doing research in India found rice that they believe dates back to 4530 BC. However, the first recorded claim states that rice originated in China in 2800 BC. The Emperor of China, Shen Nung, was aware of the importance of rice to his people. In honor of the rice, he held an annual paddy ceremony to be held at the time of seed sowing, with him planting the first seeds of rice at that time. 

Most likely, the same ceremony took place throughout China at that time and was attended by dignitaries representing the emperor. Nowadays, the Chinese celebrate rice by dedicating one of the days of the new year celebration dedicated to rice. While we cannot confidently identify whether China, India or Thailand were the original locations of rice. We must appreciate rice though. It is staple for Malaysian right now. 

The Importance Of White Rice And Asian Culture

White rice basically has an interest in various cultures that are often associated with symbols of prosperity in addition to the many folklore and legends that are closely related to this rice grain. In many cultures and societies, rice is integrated directly into religious beliefs. In Japan, rice or rice has its own god called Inari, while in Indonesia, rice has its own goddess called Dewi Sri.

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Rice is also associated with a symbol of fertility and for this purpose, there is a culture that throws rice to newly married couples. In India, rice has always been the first food offered by a bride to her husband, to ensure fertility in marriage, and children are given rice as their first solid food.

Rice Variety That Is Popular in Malaysia

Brown Rice vs White Rice

Each grain of the rice is made up of rice that has been skinned. Yes it should be skinned to be eaten. Rice is made up of two main parts: an embryo (or germ) and a starchy endosperm. It also has a surface that forms numerous thin layers of tissue, collectively known as the bran layer, which accounts for 5% to 8% of the grain’s weight. This is ‘brown’ rice or ‘unpolished’ rice, which can be consumed directly or polished to eliminate the bran layer to make white rice or ‘polished’ rice. After harvest, all forms of rice may be processed to produce either white / polished rice or brown / unpolished rice. 

Store Rice Properly 

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Rice lice are a common problem and are often experienced when storing rice for a long time. Therefore, it is necessary to store a good and proper way to prevent rice lice. These rice lice can come from scratch when purchased so be sure to buy rice carefully. If the rice already has lice, remove the lice first before storing the rice. Store rice in rice dispenser Skg malaysia