Proton Exora: The MPV Proton will launch! by is not a stranger to car lovers’ surfers. All car -related news will be updated almost instantly. I would say that is the no.1 car blog in Malaysia. Under this post, is sharing about the name of the new Proton MPV, known as Proton Exora. According to the post, the name is [...]

Proton Exora Club Blog is Looking for Sponsors

Proton Exora Club Blog is looking for sponsors who wanted to advertise in this blog. To all the car dealers & car sales person, this is your opportunity to get exposed, potentially thousands of Proton Exora lovers. Be the first to advertise here. . There are 3 type of advertisment programs available: 1) Top Header [...]

Welcome to Proton Exora Club Blog!

Welcome to Proton Exora Owners Club Blog. This blog will be the platform for all the knowledge & discussion about Proton Exora MPV. There will be a special forum for all the Proton Exora Owners, sharing their thoughts & opinions over their MPV.