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Stretch Mark Cream for Women in General

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If you have tiger stripes, you’re in extremely excellent company. According to CBS News, an estimated 80% of women in the United States have stretch marks—and yes, even RiRi has them. Still, you’re human, so you could have been tempted by all the stretch mark creams on store shelves once or twice. Isn’t it easier and less unpleasant than whatever Kim K does? However, here are some reasons why you should save your money.

Stretch marks appear when the skin is stretched rapidly, such as during pregnancy, weight gain, a growth spurt, or while bodybuilding. When the skin stretches quicker than the body can lay down all of the nutrients required to build normal, smooth skin, the mark appears. They can also appear if your skin is overly thin as a result of long-term use of topical steroid creams (such as to treat a rash), she explains. While moisturizing abdominal skin while pregnant or when the skin is otherwise quickly growing can assist support fragile skin, no studies have shown that any specific lotions can help avoid stretch marks.

There’s nothing you can do to avoid stretch marks once more. However, certain stretch mark creams are superior to others when it comes to treatment. The majority of over-the-counter products are high in moisture (and not much else). That’s OK, but it won’t necessarily accomplish anything other than hydrate your skin. According to cosmetic expert Stanley Kovak, M.D., of the Kovak Cosmetic Center, some people believe stretch mark creams work merely because the marks improve and vanish with time.

In addition, Stretch mark cream has little demonstrated effectiveness, according to some research. It may help to minimize the look of stretch marks significantly, but none of them has been clinically shown to entirely erase them. If your stretch marks are still relatively young, over-the-counter lotions may help fade them. However, if you’ve had stretch marks for a long period, they may be more difficult to get rid of.

So, stretch mark creams are no longer an option. However, if you visit a dermatologist, there are other, better choices, like micro-needling or laser treatments, according to Kovac and Rao. Fresh, red stretch marks or relatively new marks that have become white are generally simpler to remove than stretch marks that have been there for years (which can be extremely stubborn). Keep in mind that each form of stretch mark will require numerous treatments to improve. Keep your expectations in check, as most people’s improvements are minor to moderate.

There are alternatives to lotions if you seek a lasting remedy to stretch marks. Professional cosmetic procedures performed in a certified spa or dermatologist’s clinic are more successful than home-applied lotions. Even though they are more expensive.

In conclusion, according to CBS News, almost 80% of women in the United States have stretch marks. There have been no studies that show that particular lotions can help prevent the condition. According to specialists, certain stretch mark creams are preferable to others in terms of treatment. That’s OK, but it won’t do much more than moisturize your skin. If you’re looking for a long-term solution to stretch marks, lotions aren’t the only option. Stretch mark creams are therefore no longer a viable alternative. Some people believe stretch mark treatments work simply because the spots improve and fade with time, according to cosmetic specialist Stanley Kovak, M.D. of the Kovak Cosmetic Center.

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