Proton’s New Car Insurance Policy: Comprehensive Coverage Made Simple


Are you in the market for a new car insurance policy? Look no further than Proton, Malaysia’s leading automotive manufacturer! Proton is not only known for its top-notch vehicles, but also for its commitment to offering comprehensive insurance coverage for its customers. In this blog post, we will explore Proton’s new car insurance policy, its features, and how it provides peace of mind for both new and existing Proton owners.

Proton’s New Car Insurance Policy: An Overview

Proton understands that owning a car comes with a certain level of risk. Accidents can happen when we least expect them, and it is crucial to have a reliable car insurance policy to protect you from any potential financial burdens. Therefore, Proton has collaborated with leading insurance providers to introduce a new car insurance policy that is tailored to meet the needs of its customers.

Key Features of Proton’s Car Insurance Policy

Proton’s car insurance policy offers an array of attractive features, ensuring that you are safeguarded in every possible way. Here are some of its key highlights:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: Proton’s car insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage, protecting you against various risks such as accidental damage, theft, fire, and third-party liability.

  2. Hassle-Free Claims Process: In the unfortunate event of an accident, Proton’s insurance policy ensures a smooth claims process, minimizing any inconvenience for you. A dedicated claims team is available to assist you throughout the entire procedure.

  3. 24/7 Roadside Assistance: Proton understands the importance of being there for its customers in times of need. With its new car insurance policy, you will have access to 24/7 roadside assistance, ensuring that help is just a phone call away.

  4. No-Claim Discount: Proton rewards its responsible drivers by offering a no-claim discount for policyholders who have not made any claims during the coverage period. This discount can significantly reduce your insurance premium on renewal.

  5. Windscreen Coverage: Proton’s insurance policy includes coverage for windscreen damage, providing added convenience and further minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

How to Purchase Proton’s Car Insurance

Proton has streamlined the process of purchasing their car insurance policy to make it as convenient as possible for their customers. You can easily obtain a quote and purchase the insurance online through Proton’s official website or at any authorized Proton dealer.


Proton’s new car insurance policy offers peace of mind and financial protection for both new and existing Proton owners. With its comprehensive coverage, hassle-free claims process, and additional benefits such as roadside assistance, Proton stands out as a reliable choice in the realm of car insurance. So, when you drive off the showroom floor in your brand-new Proton, rest assured that you are backed by an insurance policy that has your best interests at heart.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I purchase Proton’s car insurance policy if I already own a Proton vehicle?

  • Absolutely! Proton’s car insurance policy is available for both new and existing Proton owners.

2. Do I need to bring my car to a Proton service center for insurance claims?

  • No, you have the freedom to choose any authorized repair center for your claims. Proton’s insurance policy ensures a hassle-free claims process regardless of where you choose to repair your vehicle.

3. Is the windscreen coverage limited to only the front windscreen?

  • No, Proton’s insurance policy covers all windows including the front, rear, and side windows for any accidental damage.

4. Can I transfer my insurance policy if I decide to sell my Proton vehicle?

  • Yes, you can transfer your Proton car insurance policy to the new owner. Simply inform the insurance provider about the change in ownership, and they will guide you through the necessary steps.

5. Does Proton’s car insurance policy cover personal belongings left in the vehicle?

  • Unfortunately, personal belongings are not covered under Proton’s car insurance policy. However, it is always advisable to keep valuables out of sight to minimize the risk of theft or damage.

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of Proton’s new car insurance policy, you can drive with confidence knowing that you have comprehensive coverage from one of Malaysia’s most trusted brands. Contact Proton or visit their official website today to get a quote and protect your investment!