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Internet banking online Malaysia: Know Pros and Cons

Internet banking online Malaysia is one of the many luxuries accessible today. People will find it simpler to send money as a result. Online banking in Malaysia makes money management simpler. You can transfer money, pay bills, and deposit checks from anywhere using internet banking technologies. The most widely used method is internet banking because of its simplicity. With the advent of internet banking, financial institutions now have a novel approach to use when dealing with foreign-owned banks. Its success, however, will depend on how much the bank’s customers use this new channel for their goods and services.

What exactly is Internet banking?

Users can access banking services online through internet banking, a service offered by banks and other financial institutions. It is also referred to as online banking, e-banking, or net banking. To take advantage of every little service offered by their bank, customers do not need to go to a branch office. Some account holders do not have access to online banking. If you want to use internet banking, you must sign up for the service either at account opening time or later. For the purpose of logging into your internet banking account, you must use the registered customer ID and password.

Pros of Internet Banking

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These are the Pros of online banking:


Financial services are available to you at all times throughout the year. You can check your account balance at any time and transfer money without having to wait for the bank to open because the bulk of services are available around-the-clock.

Simple and Straightforward to Use

Internet banking’s services are simple and easy to use.Numerous individuals find that conducting business online is far less complicated than doing so in person.


You don’t have to abandon your responsibilities to wait in line at the bank. No matter where you are, you can complete your transactions. Use internet banking to pay your utility bills, regular deposit account installments, and other bills.


Internet banking allows you to finish any transaction in a matter of minutes. With internet banking, money may be quickly moved to any account in the nation or used to open a fixed deposit account.

Activity Tracking

You will receive a confirmation receipt once you complete a transaction at the bank branch. There’s a chance you’ll snap. A bank’s internet banking platform, however, keeps track of each transaction you make. In the event that it is required, this can serve as transactional proof. In addition, the details, such as the payee’s name, bank account number, amount paid, date, and time of the payment, will be noted.

Cons of Internet banking 

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Listed below are some Cons to internet banking

Internet usage is required

Use of internet banking services requires a constant internet connection, which is a primary necessity. You cannot utilize any online services supplied if you do not have internet connectivity. You also cannot use net banking services if the bank servers are offline as a result of any technical problems on their end.

Security of Transactions

Internet banking transactions are still vulnerable to hackers, regardless of the security measures taken by banks to maintain a safe network. Even with the most sophisticated encryption techniques, there have been instances where transaction data has been compromised. As a result, there could be a serious risk that the hacker would utilize the data for his or her own gain.

Password Security

To access the services for each internet banking account, the password must be typed. As a result, the password is crucial to ensuring integrity. Others may use the password if it is made known to them in order to perpetrate fraud. Additionally, the password must adhere to the guidelines established by the institutions. It can be difficult for the account holder to remember passwords; thus, people should change them periodically to prevent password theft.