How to Become a Doctor: The Steps you Need

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The work of a doctor is a noble job. Saving people’s lives is not an easy task, but they are willing to do it in order to save thousands of lives. Even though they work under high pressure, they are always committed in carrying out their duties. Therefore, the work as a doctor is a job that is highly regarded and most respected.

However, doctors have to pass various assessments and screenings before being approved as a doctor of medicine. It’s not easy to know that you want to be a doctor, a wrong step can cost you one life.

The basic requirement for a doctor is to obtain an MBBS or MD degree certificate or in some countries also known as MbbCh. In short, all these terms carry the same meaning. Literally, MBBS is known as Medicine Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery. By having an MBBS degree certificate, you qualify to graduate as a doctor and join any residency program.

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Here are the ways to get MBBS:

1. To become a doctor, the SPM decision needs to be taken into account, you need an A or minimum B score in all subjects, especially for science subjects (such as Biology, Physics, Chemistry) to qualify you to take A Level or basic science. There are some universities that continue to offer Medical Principles.

2. Another option to connect MBBS is by opting into matriculation. There, you need to get a score of 4.00 to get a medical course offer. After completing the matriculation period, you can choose to continue your degree and take MBBS at universities within the country or abroad. More importantly, the university offered must have certification from the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA). If not, you lose all your money and time to take an unsigned certificate.

3. Various public universities that offer basic or fast-track to degrees to get MBBS, for example in the Association for Medicine at the International University of Malaysia. 

4. Or another option, if you don’t get a place to continue your medical studies in the country, you can also continue your studies abroad. However, make sure it is approved. Mainly by MQA and MMC bodies. If you are interested in continuing your studies abroad, you can look for an agency to send students abroad.

5. There are some universities abroad that accept student admission using the SPM results, but there are also those that require students to take basic or foundation first. Anyway, if you are interested in getting an MBBS abroad you need to refer to the agency, because they usually have a way that makes it easier for you to study abroad.

6. Next, after completing 5 years or 6 years of study in medicine (MBBS), you need to register with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) to get a Temporary Registration Certificate. Then to qualify you to become a doctor, you need to carry out training as a Housemanship Officer (HO) in a hospital that is approved by the Medical Qualifying Board.

7. After passing the Housemanship, you need to register with MMC to be eligible to become a kursus perubatan Officer. You need to serve for 3 years as a Medical Officer (MO) at a royal hospital before being appointed as a medical doctor with a passion.

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