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Buying Your Home in Malaysia

Buying Your Home in Malaysia

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When you are considering buying a house in Malaysia, demands a lot of time and major decision making. After all it is going to be your home and you do not want to mess with it. During the decision making, you must involve your partner because neither one of you would want to be blamed for choosing the wrong house, either your partner does not like the design of the house or the color, the location or the neighborhood. For properties in Kuala Lumpur, you can check out Kuala Lumpur project outlook to view all the properties that are available. Take a look at Dua Residency.

To start with, try to make a research. Go to a property listings websites, or newspaper or magazines that has property listings for sale. Try to compare the prices or the rate of the property in a certain location. As there must be a reason why two properties located in the same location is more expensive than the other. But of course the design of the house or the size of the house also matters. Get a proper system and make sure you get a property that is near to food shops like chicken rice. Find a property that is near your job too.

You should also consider your finances before deciding which property to buy. Choose a property that is within your budget. If you are planning to have the property financed by the bank. But sometimes the bank will only approve your loan if the value of the property is three to five times your annual income. You also have to make sure that you have prepared at least 20% down payment. But before all these, it is better to go to the bank and get a pre-approval or at least ask them up to how much of the property they can lend you.

You must also find a good real estate agent, they provide useful information about the property. Sometimes it is better id the real estate agent is your friend so that he or she will give you an honest background of the house, will not just say the good things about the house but also the disadvantages of owning the house, like the condition of the neighborhood and accessibility of the location. Most real estate agents have very good negotiation skills which can be very useful during the buying process.

Go to a site visit and bring along your partner with you. If you have kids, you can also bring them along so that they can help you decide on which property to buy. Visit as many houses as possible before deciding on which house to take. Try to take pictures during your site visit so you and your partner can review and discuss your decision in at home without the presence of the agent.

Once you have selected which house to purchase, try to revisit the area just to make a feel of the surroundings. If you feel like you are 100% sure that you want to take the house, then it is time to contact your agent and negotiate the price with the seller. Once the price has been agreed, then it is time to hire a real estate lawyer. He will help you in the buying process of your new house.

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