It is EASY to make an L-Parking with Proton Exora – by Lan Rambai (Exorian)

According to an Exorian (our Exora Owners Club Malaysia member), Lan Rambai, he had not faced much problem in doing the L-Parking with his Proton Exora. He even got suprised of how easy it is. Maybe because of the tyre turning point, he added. To get further information & discussion (in Malay) or even your thoughts [...]

Proton Exora 1.6 H-Line Experience by Harvinder at

This post is taken from the original, where Harvinder has share his experience over almost about the 1.6 H-Line Automatic Proton Exora. Basically, the writer has given a very positive sign of the new Proton MPV. The writer has praised Proton over an attractive design, practical interior & competitive price. He also did elaborate [...]

Proton Exora Test Drive by Gua Bukan Rempit

More & more experiences of Proton Exora are shared in the net. And now, it is from Gua Bukan Rempit. He (I believe a man) shared his experience over the Proton Exora Test Drive which he won from a Facebook Contest organized by Proton. From the post, he has tested it not once, but twice, [...]

Welcome to Proton Exora Club Blog!

Welcome to Proton Exora Owners Club Blog. This blog will be the platform for all the knowledge & discussion about Proton Exora MPV. There will be a special forum for all the Proton Exora Owners, sharing their thoughts & opinions over their MPV.