Sponsorship: LEE MOTORS Sdn Bhd

EOCM would like to express its highest appreciation to LEE MOTORS Sdn Bhd for being one of the sponsors for this site. In conjunction to that, we at EOCM has created a page for them under this site. To visit their page, please click: LEE MOTORS SDN BHD On top of that, we have also [...]

EOCM Conquered Genting Highlands

Tired of being “abused” by postings such as “Exora cannot climb lahhh”, “Exora engine sure broken if go to Genting lahhh”, “1.6 mana ada power”, “kawan aku cuba bawak exora ke genting tapi tak boleh naik”, “aku dengar cerita ada exora pecah enjin masa cuba panjat genting”….. EOCM organised a convoy named “EOCM 2010 GENTING [...]

Exora (EOCM) @ Cinta Sayang ’09 on RTM1

The recently convoy & gettogether of Exora Owners Club Malaysia which was held at Cinta Sayang, Sungai Petani will be on air or more specifically will be on your TV tonight. The channel will be RTM1 and the time will be at 9:30 pm under slot called ‘Galeri Nasional RTM1′… For those Exora’s owner who [...]