EOCM Corporate Shirt

Exora Owners Club Malaysia (EOCM) has oficially launched its corporate shirt, an F1 shirt (Baju kemeja F1). The price of the corporate shirt is as below:
RM70 for members with EOCM Starter Kit (Ahli Bernombor)
RM80 for others (Ahli Tidak Bernombor).
The price is inclusive of donation to the club.

Sizes available are:
For Male – From S to XXXL (3XL)
For Female – From XS to XXXL (3XL)
The cutting are different between Male & Female

The shirt is a COMB COTTON type which looks nice & comfortable (not hot). 3 main colors for the shirt are Lime Green, Black & White.

In front, the EOCM logo is placed on the left side & proton logo is at the right, while at the back, the EOCM website is placed at the upper side.

For info about booking & payment, please contact the person in charge via email:
To: ravenfz@yahoo.com

Please also CC to: exocula@gmail.com, climini_azmangsr@yahoo.com, jedatul@yahoo.com, raymie1873@yahoo.com

Here are some of the images of the shirt.

EOCM Corporate Shirt Male Front

EOCM Corporate Shirt Male Back

EOCM Corporate Shirt Female Front

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